We love making great ciders!

Peter bottling with an early prototype of our custom counter-pressure fillerAll of our ciders start with tree ripe fruit that we carefully crush and ferment. Often unsightly and a challenge to eat fresh, the French, English and old American cider apple varieties we grow to make our ciders carry intense aromatic flavors that shine through fermentation and aging. As the cider ages through the cold snowy winter, the bitter tannins that made the fruit so edgy while fresh give way to soft, complex and surprising flavors that linger and evolve on the palate. Our ciders are best served at a cool room temperature. They pair well with a wide range of foods. Our favorites are aged cheeses, fish, pork, and cured meats - see where your creativity leads you.

This season, we have 4 delicious varieties to offer. Having started less than two years ago with only 200 cases in production, we consider ourselves a "nano-cidery," but we'll be growing over the next few years. This year we will have about 1800 cases.

Our lineup:

Perry Reserve – Méthode Champenoise
This luscious perry is crafted from true old-world perry pear varieties grown in central Washington. The experience is rich, full-bodied and juicy with ripe and dried pear flavors, honey smoothness balanced with crisp astringency and a touch of appealing subtle woodsy tannin. Each bottle has been through secondary in-bottle fermentation and riddled, disgorged and corked by hand in an intensive labor of love.
Pairs well with festive celebrations, French cuisine, hearty artisan breads and rich double-creme bries. Alcohol 10.1% by volume.

Dry Cider
In the English tradition, we have crafted this dry cider with delicate balance and subtle complexities. A whisper of toffee tiptoes around clear brightness and a light sparkle carries delicate orchard fruit aromatics into the lingering finish. Goes well with fish (sole, halibut etc.), pasta with alfredo style sauces, green salads with lighter fruit type dressings, cheese (brie, gruyere, etc.), crackers, cheese and fruit slices. Alcohol 7.6% by volume.

Orchard Select
This semi-dry cider is distinctly bright, rich and full of body. Bright summer fruit flavors shine through a honey smoothness and finish with delicate floral aromatics. Goes well with pork, chicken, turkey, fish (salmon, trout, etc.), green salads with vinaigrette type dressings, cheese (brie, aged cheddar, etc.), artisan breads with olive oil infusions. Alcohol 8.3% by volume.

 Cliffbreaks Blend
Our most popular cider, this is a rich deep golden color with full body. A light sparkle carries classic English cider and bittersweet apple aromas, followed by flavors of melons and dried fruit. Complex tannins and mouth-watering acidity are balanced with just enough sweetness. This cider’s intensity complements richer foods such as aged cheeses, steak, roasts, cured hard sausage, artisan breads with cheeses or olive oil infusions. Alcohol 7.6% by volume.

Semi-dry Cider
We’ve crafted this cider in the New England tradition, with apples of higher acidity and just a touch of brown sugar and honey (in New England, it used to be common to intensify the alcohol of the ciders by upping the sugar before fermentation by adding brown sugar, molasses, honey, maple syrup, etc.). Vibrant lime-honey brightness holds counterpoint to darker flavors of caramel and toasted marshmallow, and maturation on oak imparts smooth balance and subtle vanilla quality. Goes well with stews, Italian dishes, aged cheddar, stiltons, etc. Alcohol 7.2% by volume.

Cidermaker's Reserve – Méthode Champenoise
Taking the best of the best of our ciders, Cidermaker's Reserve is a celebration of all the rich complexity cider apples have to offer. After a year of maturation, this cider then begins the full Méthode Champenoise process of in-bottle fermentation, which develops further layers of nuance. The labor of love pays off; its months of conditioning, riddling, and finishing yield a dry cider with continuously unfolding layers of spicy bittersweet apple character, citrusy brightness, and subtleties of toffee, aromatic wood and earth.
This cider's complex tannins, bright acidity and lively sparkle pair well with French and English cuisine, cave-aged cheeses and rustic breads. Alcohol 9.0% by volume.

Red Cider
This stunning cider is a rare treat! We have been fortunate to get to work with some apple varieties only a couple generations removed from their native ancestors in the hills of Kazakhstan. Their brilliant red flesh yields a crimson red cider with bright acidity, packed with flavors of cranberries, watermelon, rhubarb & strawberries, finishing with soft toffee tones.
This cider's bright acidity & juicy complex fruit flavor pair well with light desserts, festive occasions and cheery company. Alcohol 7.5% by volume.

Barrel-Aged Cornice
In our region, winter winds whip layers of snow into majestic formations called cornices. They hang in a gravity-defying balance, ready to cascade at any moment into a rushing avalanche. We wanted to craft a cider to carry these traits… So we aged cider in oak barrels, knitting tannins and aromas into an avalanche of flavors. Notes of bourbon vanilla, fall fruit and toffee coalesce in this off-dry cider.
This cider's smooth complexity and luscious vanilla-toffee notes pair well with grilled meets, pulled pork, bacon-wrapped dates, as well as rich desserts. Alcohol 7.5% by volume.