Cider is in … and on … the air! Friday Sept 26 on NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook.

Tomorrow, Sept 26, we'll join Ben Watson, author of the book "Cider, Hard and Sweet",  Tom Ashbrook and Louisa Spencer of Farnum Hill Ciders on NPR's On Point Radio to talk about cider – the fresh, sweet "cider" and a variety of "hard" ciders from different producers.

Join us at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern on the air or online at

(At right, fresh Golden Russet apples in our orchard make their way from the tree to the cidery to go into our Orchard Select cider.)


August 16 Farm Dinner + Cider … with Capitol Cider's chef Erik Jackson!

We're very excited to take part in this dinner with chef Erik Jackson of Capitol Cider! Erik has been pioneering delicious, cider-friendly, gluten-free menu at Capitol Cider to great results, and on August 16 he is taking it directly to the source with a farm dinner at Dog Mountain Farm.

Sure to be an enjoyable evening with good company and pastoral views. Make your reservation online here.


Mentioned in Imbibe's "Oh, Pear!" article

Imbibe's Sept/Oct. Issue, featuring the article "Oh, Pear!"

Imbibe Magazine has a fun DIY Perry feature in their Sept/Oct 2013 issue, and we're mentioned right in the beginning!

It's pear season here – we just harvested Bartletts, Anjous will start any day now, and our earliest varieties of perry pears are just starting to ripen. If you have pears, or are in an area that does, Imbibe walks you through how to make perry at home. You'll need a bit of homebrewing/winemaking equipment, but chances are if you're reading this article you're already stocked up on that :). 

Here's a PDF of the article with step-by-step instructions. 


Cidermaker's Reserve: Our finest cider yet

We recently released our latest batch of Cidermaker's Reserve – the best of our ciders from the 2011 crop, coaxed through an extra year of conditioning, through the méthode Champenoise. We've been excited for its release, and have been absolutely enamored with this year's batch. It's a super complex, layered cider: rich in bittersweet apple tannin, but not over the top; juicy with sweet fruit aromas (think tree-ripe peaches, kiwi, grapefruit), but not sweet itself; brimming with vibrant aromatics – floral, faintly woody (maybe cedar or birch?), fall apples, subtle phenolics (that woody / spicy / sometimes smoky deep tone), and faint sweet candy. It drinks with an assertive astringency which highlights its dry character, but there is a touch of sweetness that darts in and out of the shadows in the background, bringing hints of fruit to the front before quickly dashing away again. 

Now, for the second year in a row, our Cidermaker's Reserve has been awarded first place in the bottle conditioned category at the Three Counties International Cider & Perry Competition in Malvern, Worcestershire. It's also been selected as one of "Five Washington Ciders to Try Now" on the Forbes Travel Guide Blog. We're absolutely honored – and hate to let this cider go, as we'd love to drink it all ourselves – but it's so good we want to share!

Peter, Tim and Robert bottling Cidermaker's Reserve at the start of its secondary in-bottle fermentation process


Cornice – New Batch!

We're releasing a new batch of Cornice this week, this time aged in Dry Fly Distillery's Washington Wheat Whiskey barrels. It's a refreshingly thirst-quenching cider – light, bright, but deep at the same time. There's a soft fruit flavor floating throughout that Lars thought was something like apricot jam, but we think Grace hit the nail on the head when she pegged it as starfruit. It's a light, creamy, hard-to-pin-down flavor. That's all hovering over subtle deeper tones of caramel, vanilla, fresh biscuits and roasted marshmallows from the Dry Fly barrels.